The flotsam and jetsam of everyday life from the past are nestled in antique printer’s trays ( brought home gleefully from London’s Portobello Road Market ) . Artfully displayed supplies inspire creativity: optical lenses, transistors, frozen charlottes, keys, stamps, eyeballs, teeth, legs, buttons, typewriter keys, tiny house numbers, gears, watch faces, dominoes, teeny tiny light bulbs, a rat’s skull …endless possibilities.




5 thoughts on “IN THE STUDIO

    • Well one of the joys of altered art, collage is collecting and playing with the materials. I spend way too much time looking at and arranging all my bits and pieces. I don’t know if i’ll ever use them all but they give me pleasure.

    • Thank you, this lives on my coffee table and everyone who comes over (including the cat) just can’t resist rearranging everything, so in a way, it is an interactive art piece 🙂

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