new worlds: map art

NEW WORLDS: I love maps. I always have. The shapes and colours, the tiny writing, the grids of longitude and latitude, the symbols and the winding rivers. Maps evoke mystery, adventure and endless possibilities. Maps are always changing and evolving never really currant.  This is a series of manipulated maps combining favourite places, intriguing places, places i have been and  places I have yet to visit.

Water World: The world is made of water, clean, life giving water, surrounded by little bits  of land, pink and green like a patchwork quilt.

The Four Corners of The Earth:  I’d follow you to the four corners of the earth…if I could stop by all my favourite places on the way.

Paris Plages: This beautiful city is chopped into manageable pieces and placed carefully by the sea and by the countryside. Now one can bathe and breathe between jaunts to the museums, the monuments and the shops.

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