A raven, a tapir and a beetle: collage

A raven in London: Perhaps Poe’s raven lamenting Lenore on vintage type writer keys….or one of the tower ravens calling “Off with her head” as he perches precariously on a bend in the Thames.


collage crow_nA tapir in Paris: poised on the Périphérique, waiting to take his turn in the complicated gamethat is played there while busy body bees hover above.

collage tapir

I love the BEATLES: All you need is love over Lucy in the Sky with diamonds. Digital collage: old maps, vintage game board, old papers, natural history illustrations, old type writer key illustration.

collage beetle


8 thoughts on “A raven, a tapir and a beetle: collage

  1. You know, I really like your stuff. My 15 year old daughter really likes to do collage as well. You ought to start offering classes during the summer vacation to inspire other young artists.

    P.S. Do you like how I kind of made that last sentence into a complement on your ageless look?

  2. thanks for the ageless look sentence! Well I do use collage in my art lessons at school. I post them on facebook but during the summer, frankly my dear, I need a break from children so I can face them in the fall again. I have given workshops to friends though. Come out to the island and bring your daughter and we can have some art days.

  3. the raven is my favourite, I do love raven. the map is very interesting, where do you find those kind of old maps ? your artwork is very inspiring. keep up the good work !


  4. I love ravens and crows too. I look for old atlases in second hand shops…I love them. There are also links to sites on my home page where you can get free digital scans of old papers. Try Vintage Printables and The Graphic Fairy. Thank you for looking at my artwork and for the positive feed back.

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