Les métiers: collage

l ‘ophthalmologist

collage eye doctorle medecin (SOLD)

collage doctorle dentiste

collage dentist 1l’apiculteur (SOLD)

collage bee keeperle pecheur (SOLD)

fly fishing collage 7

l’entomologiste (SOLD)collage microscope 2


3 thoughts on “Les métiers: collage

  1. You are amazingly talented! I love these, very inspiring to see your mixed media work 🙂 I have been posting a little bit of everything lately, on the wings of whimsy, as I have sworn to be… but my specialty is cherubs! If you ever need cherubs, please let me know your specifics, and I’ll look through my collections to see if I have any that may fit 🙂

    • Thank you, my head is starting to swell. I am glad you like my work, it gives me great pleasure. Thank you also for the kind offer of cherubs. I will contact you if I need one, you never know.

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